Love God, Love Others,
Live your purpose.




  Loving God and loving others is our purpose for living, and the reason God created us.  God also created and called each one of us as individuals who live out our purpose by exercising the gifts and personality that God uniquely gave us, everybody matters!
Welcome Home!
We believe a church is more than a building or a weekly service; the church is meant to be a family with a purpose.  Therefore our fellowship groups are a vital part of who we are and how we live.  We have groups that meet throughout the week so we have options available for everyone.   




Current Sermon Series

The Gospel of Luke
Join us in our worship experience every other week at The Pasquerilla Spiritual Center on campus at PSU at 10am!

Christ focused

Our commitment is to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Our purpose it to proclaim the gospel and make disciples.  Below you can read our core beliefs, creeds we affirm, and an explanation of the Gospel. 

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